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All District Work Permits will be renewed electronically

Once a student has been offered a job, the student downloads and prints a work permit application: (B1-1, “Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit”) from their high school website, the District’s Career Readiness website, internet or from your Job Developer.  Students must have a work permit for each place of employment.

Section A: Directions to Complete the Work Permit Application Form (B1-1) BEFORE submitting for processing by school site Job Developer.​

  • Student must completely fill out the work permit application, using black or blue ink.
  • Student must request that the employer completely fill out the employer section. The “Description of Work”
  • + must be detailed and complete. Student must obtain employer original signature.
  • Student must obtain parent/guardian approval with signature.
  • Student emails their application to their school’s Job Developer. Students can email Ms. Gutierrez@ patricia.gutierrez@fresnounified.org  

Section B: Directions when submitting the form to Job Developer via student’s Fresno Unified School District email only.

  • Students will email the completed application to Job Developer as attachment, which can be done in three ways. 
    • Using a printer with scan option, scan the completed application and attach to email
    • Using your iPhone note app, hit camera, and then scan document which will scan the application as attachment. 
    •  Take a picture on your phone and send in email.
  • Job Developer will process application into work permit and email to student to sign electronically.
  • Student will use the pen feature on pdf form of work permit and create an electronic signature and email the signed work permit to Job Developer.
  • Job Developer will get secondary required signature to complete the work permit from FUSD staff and email the official work permit back to student
  • Official work permit is provided to employer by student who will either print or email it to employer

Once work permit application is received via email from students, the Job Developer has two business days to process work permit applications into official work permits.​

Per California Labor Law, students cannot work during school hours.​

Per AB 908, schools cannot deny a work permit for grades, GPA, or school attendance if school has been physically closed for an extended time due to natural disaster, pandemic or other emergency.

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