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Program Description

General Internships connect high school students with industries that are designed to give students an opportunity to participate in paid and unpaid internships during the school day. Students will learn employability skills in class and while interning with industry professionals at work sites.

Employability Skills

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Interview Skills

  • Guest Speakers from Human Resources
  • Reading & Viewing Video Examples
  • Mock Interviews
  • Internship Interviews for placement
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Resume Writing

  • Job Developer leads lessons on Resume Writing
  • Recruiters Guest Speaking on Resume Tips
  • Completed Resume for all Interns
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Employability Training

  • Career Safe Certifications
  • OSHA 10 Construction Certification
  • OSHA Healthcare Certification
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Soft Skills Training

  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • ETC.,
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Classroom Activities

  • Discussions
  • Field Trips
  • Career Exploration
  • Role Playing
    • Mock Interviews
    • Phone Etiquette
    • Ethical Dilemmas
  • Reading Activities
  • Team Building

Internship Placement Options

  • Fresno Unified Technology Services
  • Fresno Unified Operations
  • Fresno Unified School Sites
    • Classroom aide, Custodial, Nutrition Team, Office Support)
  • Infinity Power Solutions
  • Farmer’s Insurance
  • Central California SPCA
  • Belmar Villa Assisted Living
  • Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • CORE Interiors
  • Family Ice

CTE Staff

Terence Brown
Internship Coordinator

Keisha Shabazz
CTE Coordinator

Patricia Gutierrez
Job Developer II

About Mr. Brown

  • Fresno High School Internship Coordinator
  • 25-Years in Education
  • Credentials: Multiple Subject; Foundational Math; Preliminary CTE
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