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Picture of Fresno High in 1918

The present Fresno High Alumni Association was started in 2000. It began with a meeting of several representatives from various alumni classes and FHS administration.  Our mission statement is “to provide students and teachers at Fresno High School an enriched educational experience through our ability to provide needed finances when such needs for that group cannot be provided by the Fresno Unified School District.” 

As part of our efforts to raise monies for FHS, we had our first annual all-alumni dinner on April 19, 2000 and celebrated our 15th dinner in 2014. We have been involved in many other projects. The association made recommendations to resurface the girls’ basketball courts and followed the project through to its completion.  Next, there was need for new bleachers in the gym. The association was instrumental in causing this to come to fruition. The gym floor was another project we were involved in.  After the fire of October 2002, we donated $4,000 that was used for restoration of the FHS auditorium to its original glory.

The Alumni Association gave two mini grants a year of $500 each for teachers to enrich their curriculum and supplement their budgets during its first five years.  Thereafter, grants were given depending on needs for academics, athletics and/or organizations.  These grants now average nearly $10,000 per year. 

One of our proudest achievements has been video centers in Royce Hall and the FHS Library which contain a segment on each past athlete inducted into the Fresno High Wall of Champions.  A student can access a brief history of each athlete through a simple touch screen and is always available for viewing.  Funds for this display were raised through an annual dinner held for students and inductees over the past seven years. 

We have been the driving force for getting things done that might never have come to be without our involvement.  The Association stands as testament of our commitment to the great traditions of Fresno High by supporting its students, staff, and programs.

You have an opportunity to help us continue these traditions by becoming a member and supporting the different fund raisers throughout the year. 

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